Honda EU2200i

Honda eu2200i
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So, can Honda meet the needs of its growing clientele with EU2000i? Can they stick to only one product for such a long time? Can they stop producing world-class generators? Evidently, no. They’ve got to move on. As such, during the early spring of 2018, the company has produced a brand-new masterpiece, the EU2200i, distributed all over the country and being more ingenious than ever.

Whether you need a sturdy device for camping or just a power source for your garage, this model will match all your wishes.


  • Reasonable pricing;
  • Very noiseless running in contrast to other devices of the same power capacity;
  • Easy to move around and transport;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Warranty term of two years.

Honda has been known for its superior collection of portable inverter-based generators for quite a long time. They started the production process 20 years ago when Honda first used an inverter in its devices. However, their innovation was so superb that it was able to generate just as much as “line power”. At those times, this was quite impossible. Apart from the stable production of power, they made generators more portable and easy to carry around. As time went by, Honda continued to enhance its designs and power characteristics, which then resulted in the development of a brand-new EU2000i model. This device has become a real legend. It produced more electricity than previously and was more durable than ever, while at the same time being surprisingly noiseless. This was a well-performing machine indeed. It has been in the industry for a long time, and Honda continued to be the leader in this segment. So, can Honda meet the needs of its growing clientele with EU2000i? Can they stick to only one product for this long? Could they stop producing iconic machines? No. They have to keep going, so in 2018 Honda produced a brand-new legend – the EU2200i. This model is even more perfect than ever. It produces 10% greater power than the previous one. It has a myriad of new features in stock to make it stand out from the rest of generators on offer. It is packed with color coded elements, easy oil drain, ingenious fuel shut off gauge as well as concentrated power output at minimal RPM and lots of other options that make it easier to move around and take care of.

The first ever series was the EU1000i, which revolutionized the market of portable generators. It had a reputation for being noiseless, and throughout the period of 20 years the company still sticks to its traditions, because the new EU2200i is probably the least noisy version of all. If a generator is to be described as light, noiseless and powerful, then the new Honda’s model would fit this definition with precision.

Is the Honda EU2200i Easy to Run?

Is it really? Let’s take a closer look.

It has an impressive auto-mechanical de-compressor that allows winding up the device using minimal force, which makes the operation many times easier. Honda EU2200i is added with noise reduction system that allows running the device at almost no noise. To be more precise, you’ll get a total of 57 dB(A) when operating this machine at full speed. This implies that you can place it wherever you wish. One more incredible characteristic is its weight, which amounts to not more than 47 lbs. This implies that moving it from one place to the other is very easy. What about its parameters? 20.0” x 11.4” x 16.7” does not seem too big for such a device, which is another positive side of this model. Simplified process of oil drain using a shut off gauge has provided greater mobility than ever. It has an oil indicator that stops the machine on its own accord whenever the fuel level is too low. This means you won’t have to monitor the oil level any longer. It also has a fuel capacity of 0.95 gallons which keeps its weight at a minimum. It has a 10% extra operation time compared to the previous EU2000i. This generator is packed with GXR120 engine that is highly appraised for its fuel-saving capacity. Finally, starting this generator is as easy as ever due to the high-end technology in place. As such, we can admit that Honda EU2200i is extremely easy to run.

How Powerful Is It?

When it comes to evaluating power characteristics, the most important aspect is the engine. EU2200i has one of the best Honda’s engines – GXR120. It is a commercial-level engine that produces steady and noiseless power and has a fuel-saving capacity. The engine’s parameters are rather small in contrast to other engines, but at 121cc, this engine is truly unsurpassable. It always provides intense power back-up for the EU2200i model. The good news is that this engine was initially used for heavy-duty machinery, which is why it is extremely durable and trustworthy.

One more incredible feature of EU2200i is that it ensures superior power capacity when connected in parallel to other machines. It allows connecting the Honda EU2200i with Honda EU2000i K1/T1 model or one more EU2200i to get more power. This guarantees supreme performance and stable power back-up for any purposes.

What about Maintenance?

EU2200i is ranked as one of the best models in Honda’s collection. This is an inverter-based model that is equipped with ingenious technologies which ensure its noiseless running. Honda has made sure that their generator is easy to maintain for you to experience no discomfort. There are lots of incredible innovations added to this model, and they are all concentrated on simplified maintenance. Every user is able to maintain this model without any extra knowledge because it’s very simple.

EU2200i is added with a bit larger oil filling opening apart from having a bit longer spout. This helps users to refuel the machine quicker and with little mess. Bigger oil draining gauge is also accessible in this version so that the process of oil change can be carried out instantaneously. It also helps remove any contamination with ease.

This model also has a fuel shut-off gauge. This guarantees that the engine will be stopped if the fuel level is minimal. To achieve this, you’ll have to turn it to the “OFF” position. This will guarantee that the generator’s parts are kept in good shape. Everything is pretty much automatic so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Durability and low risk of damage to the generator’s body are guaranteed by metal-made recoil rope. There are also color-coded running contact points that will allow you to start the device.

This generator can be used in parallel with other models to ensure better performance. This option is in-built so that there will be absolutely no flaws. The feature is extremely user-friendly and always runs properly. You will not require any knowledge in order to use it but only a few tips to get started. You can use EU2200i in parallel with an identical model or some other version such as Honda EU2000i K1/T1.

Ventilation is a vital element of any device, and this generator model also has this feature in place. It has a high ventilation space of 2.31 square inches, which is more than sufficient. This will guarantee much better inverter cooling. There are a few extra new ducts that will ensure a smooth airflow inside the device. It keeps the major elements cool and guarantees the durability of the device. This feature also allows improving the general performance of the device.

To put it simple, the EU2200i model has everything in place. You won’t have to do much to keep this generator running. Everything is quite pre-determined and takes place on its own accord. This is a smart machine that is very easy to use. Take a look at the user guide and learn the details yourself.

Does Honda Eu2200i Have a Proper Warranty Term?

Proper warranty term? The EU2200i has the best one. In contrast to other portable versions, this model provides a warranty term of three years for not only recreational use but also commercial purposes. This gives more confidence regarding the capabilities of this model because the company provides a long-term warranty. However, it is better to buy this generator from an authorized dealer of the Honda Company to get this warranty. It is always pleasant to be sure that you’ll be covered by a three-year warranty not to be concerned about anything. This is the most attractive proposition in this collection of products. According to the manufacturer who is pretty confident about their new invention, you will not have to worry about the warranty because you can easily operate the generator for much longer than the estimated period.

Is It Costly?

This is a worrisome question. However, before evaluating the price, it is necessary to have a look at what you’ll get as a result. First, you’ll get a reliable brand name “Honda”. You will also get a world-class engine GXR120 inside this machine which measurements amount to 20.0” x 11.4” x 16.7”. It weighs not more than 47 lbs and produces almost no noise. Above all, you’ll get a three-year warranty. So, is it costly? Absolutely not. Honda’s retail price is just $1,149.95 which is much less than the price of the previous version. There is also a chance that you will get a discount from the dealer of your choice. You can find more deals on our Honda generators for sale page – navigate to our sale page.

Honda EU2200i is an incredible creation of this company. After a long period of time, Honda has released a new version of portable generator which quality is out of the question. Honda’s reputation in the industry deserves admiration, and they have proved it once more by producing this new version. There are lots of generators in this sector, but such an incredible performance can be encountered not very often. No other machine can produce as much power as this one, so it is a unique creation indeed. Don’t forget that there are three years of warranty for commercial and home use. Besides, one more incredible feature is an ability to use two generators together to get more power. As a top-level noiseless generator, Honda EU2200i is definitely worth giving it a go.

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