Dyson V8 vs V10

Dyson V8 vs V10
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Only in case you haven’t discovered, Dyson just introduced their newest cordless vacuum, the V10 Complete . And this item is a complete monster. It is the most effective and feature rich cordless cleaner we have seen.

This is not only a refresh of this Dyson V8 but it is a new layout using a bigger bin, longer run time and more energy.

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However, each one these updates will come at an affordable cost.

The big question is, is it worth the purchase price tag considering that you can find a similar solution, the Dyson V8 to get a couple hundred less?

We’ll learn in this contrast involving the Dyson V8 and V10 because we breakdown each attribute that will assist you determine whether the V10 is actually worth the premium.

Motor and Power

Dyson V10

Regardless of the achievement of this V8, Dyson didn’t rest on their laurels. They moved back to the drawing board and find out how to further enhance it. The consequence of this study is that the V10 engine that Dyson asserts is the lightest and strong motor they have created because of this carbon fiber shaft.

The engine spins in a dizzying 125,000 rpm. And all this electricity contributes to 150 air levels of electricity that’s quite impressive to get a cordless. That is around 20 percent more electricity than the Dyson V8.

In addition, it includes three power modes — superb max, maximum as well as ordinary. All of that may be controlled by means of a slide switch which has been implemented on the V8. The super-fast mode obviously will decrease down time to about 6 minutes approximately.

Dyson V8

The V8 have the V8 electronic motor which uses a similar technology as the V10 however 15,000 less nimble. This is going to lead to less electricity, which can be about 115 air watts.

Both motors utilize an identical system using oscillating cyclones along with a high performance filtration system.

Unlike the V10 that’s 3 power modes, the V8 just as two — ordinary and maximum mode. Normal mode ought to be sufficient on many surfaces. Simply use the maximum if you have to wash just a tiny plushier carpeting.

Winner: Dyson V10

Dirt Bin

Among the greatest design modifications in the Dyson V10 are the bin layout. Before its launch, all Dyson cordless vacuums have a bin that is vertically aligned with the engine.

This usually means that the trap door is in the bottom.

From the new V10, the bin is completely different. Rather than a horizontal orientation, Dyson engineers turned it into a flat orientation meaning that the bin along with the engine face the identical direction.

This also suggests that the trap door is currently in the opposite end of the trigger that makes this seem like a massive toy gun.

Simple to empty

So draining this could be distinct as in the V8. The shift in orientation has yet another side benefit. A larger bin (0.2 g vs 0.14 g ) that is a bit more than 25% growth in capacity.

Changing the orientation of the bin also can help improve air circulation and better overall cleansing performance.

Both bins have the exact same style wherein a mechanism pushes dirt outside. And you do not have to use your palms dislodge anything.

Dyson makes it feasible to disassemble the outer walls of both variations so that you may do regular cleanup on the net filter indoors.

Winner: Dyson V10

Battery and Run Time

Another advancement from the V10 are the battery. This new version includes a seven-cell, nickel-cobalt-aluminum battery which can last up to 60 minutes.

The V8 has exactly the identical nickel-cobalt battery but it’s fewer cells consequently limiting the conduct period to only 40 minutes maximum.

Winner: Dyson V10


The Dyson V8 and V10 include an entire machine HEPA filter which blocks allergens and keep it within the bin. From the V8 you will find just two different filters. The first is a thin filter which resembles a pole in the center of the cyclonic home. Another filter is in the rear of the engine.

The V10 just has one filter that is at the rear of the engine. This 1 filter functions as the first and HEPA filter.

Winner: hard to choose one

Cleaning tools

Floors tools

For this comparison we are likely to be taking a look at both chief tools.

First are the gentle roller cleaning head and next are the direct-drive cleaner thoughts. These two vacuums really have exactly the very same tools.

First let us look at the way the Dyson V10 direct drive head does on medium pile carpet
For those aren’t knowledgeable about the Immediate Drive Cleaning Head, it is Dyson’s marketing language that pertains to some motorized brush with bristles. This instrument is their principal weapon from dirt on carpeting.

The functioning of the V10 within this cleaning evaluation is very impressive. It managed to pick up almost all surface grime. However, the disadvantage to their layout could be the bin. In spite of the bigger bin, it warms up quite quickly.

You will notice after one back and on , it was in the maximal degree already. I am quite sure you will not wash a mess this large in your house daily. Turning on the maximal and super max can help on milder pile carpet.

Such as the V10, the V8 can be striking picking up almost all of the surface grime following one back and on .

What I enjoy is in normal manner, it managed to pick up on carpeting. This merely means agitation is excellent as a result of the broad brush and rigid bristles.

In spite of all the bin filled to the brim, it was able to pick off debris carpeting.

And finally emptying the bin is not as difficult as it’s from the V6 — once you pull on the red flat, the shroud beneath pushes down dirt.

Soft roller head

Another instrument which both V8 and V10 have is your soft roller cleaning mind. This instrument was initially seen from the V6. 1 benefit a gentle roller brush could have over a conventional bristle could be clearance.

As this tool doesn’t have any bristles and utilizes soft cloth, there’s far less prospect of this kicking dirt about.

Plus it’s ridges which”catch” dirt. Together with the greater clearance, the a lot of the beater bar is subjected to dirt. This removes snow plowing which is a frequent issue with conventional cleaning heads with low profile design.

You will find the two these tools should you receive the”Complete” version that’s top notch so it will cost the most money. If you are wanting to save a bit you can proceed with cheaper versions like the”Animal” or”Motorhead”.

Other instruments

For the V10 and V8, you will also receive the mini-motorized instrument, combination tool, crevice tool and miniature dusting brush.

The mini-motorized instrument is a good choice to get if you are cleaning cloth upholstery. It has got a beater bar that agitates and can nicely picking up pet hair fabric chairs or sofas.

Even if Dyson states that the V10 has more agitation that the movies above doesn’t reflect the 25 percent gap. When there’s any it is really quite minimal.

Winner: Equal


All of Dyson cordless vacuums include a 2-year guarantee and this applies both these vacuums. The fantastic news is that you are able to buy extended guarantees from Amazon up to 3 decades. It’ll cost you extra $$$ but I think that it’s well worth it if you would like the additional reassurance.

Winner: even


Presently, the Dyson V10 Total has become easily the most expensive cordless on the industry at the moment.

The Dyson V8 is much, much more affordable. So that is greater than a $100 price difference.

Compare this to a couple of months before, the cost difference between those is decreasing.

Winner: Dyson V8

To Wrap Up: What’s better?

The tech from the Dyson V10 appears very promising with all the excess power, bigger bin and more runtime. However, I believe the cost is too steep to the performance enhancements it has.

Even if Dyson states that the brush roll provides 35% greater agitation, I believe this is not reflected in real-world functionality as you have seen in the movies above.

In addition to the power gap on newspaper also does not translate into the real world since the V8 has great consequences. You will receive virtually the very same tools should you purchase the identical version.

If you purchase the”Absolute”, then you are going to get the soft roller head along with also the direct push tool for flooring. And blend tool, crevice tool, miniature motorized brush and gentle dusting brush.

1 good thing though concerning the V10 is that the cost shift. The Dyson V8’s cost went down harshly and today is a deal if you ask me.

In other words, whereas the V10 includes all of the bells and whistles but the cost is too steep. It is possible to possibly wait a couple of months for the price to fall or a new version to emerge.

The Similarities

Both of them are very similar cordless stick vacuums. The Dyson V10 is the newer version, substituting the V8 as the best alternative in their own line of cordless pole vacuums. Therefore it goes without mentioning that the V10 is an updated version of the V8. Is it worth spending roughly $200 more for the V10? That depends on what you would like and what you are prepared to cover. These two are excellent machines also have received outstanding reviews — from clients and review sites equally. So it might not be a simple choice. I will point out the gaps between the Dyson V8 and V10 throughout the inspection, which means that you may be in a position to make an educated choice.

When you have a look at them both, it is not all so simple to tell them apart. They are both about precisely the exact same length. The Dyson V8 is 49-inches tall along with the Dyson V10 is merely a fraction of an inch taller at 49.2-inches. They have a diameter of 9.8-inches along with the V10 is much bulkier using a thickness of 10.1-inches in comparison to just 8.8-inches for its V8. Not one of those factors will truly alter the ease of usage and they’re of a comparable burden, the Dyson V8 weighs 5.75-pounds along with the V10 is a bit heavier at 5.9-pounds. I can not find this minor weight gap as being important.

The Differences

There’s one noticeable difference when looking at them both, the cyclonic suction method and dust cups are not the same. Here is the first hint that suggests the Dyson V10 was redesigned and we’d expect this is much more than just aesthetics but provides some meaningful price. That is, indeed correct. The Dyson V10 has enhanced suction by virtue of a re-engineered cyclonic system along with a slightly stronger motor. It’s better airflow and much more energy which assists the Dyson V10 in better at sucking bigger debris plus it performs marginally better on deep pile carpets. Comparative testing has indicated that the Dyson V10 is rather a good deal better when sucking bigger debris from hard flooring — an improvement of 42%. On both very low pile and higher pile rugs, the distinction is not that large, together with all the Dyson V10 showing enhanced cleaning results for a variety of kinds of dirt being in the area of 1-3 percent, depending on the kind of debris you are cleaning up.

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