Concept 2 Model D Review

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Simple set-up, easy storage, significant results. The Black Rower Concept 2 Model D for sale has set the brand new standard for the 21st-century indoor rowing machines.

Highest Rated and Best-selling rowing machine on Amazon and other online shops.

How to find the best price on Concept 2 Model D for sale?

The item features an improved PM5 Performance Monitor, advanced ergonomically produced handles, convenient flywheel created for smooth and noiseless movement, adjustable foot-rest and related peculiarities. The Model D also contains comfortable seat height that reaches 14 inches and is equipped with stainless steel track that allows a consistent back-and-forth motion and aluminum I-beam monorail. If you are done with the training, you can rapidly separate the rowing machine into two elements for storage. Additionally, the user can use caster wheels included in the set for easier transportation. Rogue provides an optional wall hanger that saves space in your house.

The Concept 2 model d for sale offers one of the most full-body, comprehensive trainings out of all the fitness machines on the market. Created for long-term use, its low effect is sufficient for use in physical rehab centers and also intensive enough for the use by the fittest athletes of the world.

PM5 Performance Monitor

The exclusive PM5 is another step forward in what a training monitor can offer. Track speed, watts, pace, distance and calories burnt – all is shown on a clear, illuminated screen. Connect to remote heart rate displays and through Bluetooth to the ErgData applications to follow detailed data of your workout. The screen itself can be adjusted using a movable monitor arm. The set also contains USB flash drive that is compatible and built for racing from machine to machine.

Damper and Flywheel

This exclusive rowing machine uses air resistance produced by fanned flywheel. You can adjust the amount of air entering the flywheel housing on every stroke. Additionally, the Rower Model D includes an exclusive spiral damper that can be set for 1 to 10. These functions resemble the bike gears that affect energy required for acceleration of one stroke to the other one. The maximal point allows the most air to go inside for advanced wind resistance. Averagely, the recommended setting varies from 3 to 5.

Comprehensive Warranty, Durable Construction

Made in America, created to last, the rowing machine Concept 2 offers a comprehensive completely transferable warranty. From Olympic training centers or major professional sports teams to usual home gyms, Concept 2 has been placed to the test again and again.

Mobility and Storage

The Model D is portable and convenient to store. You can rapidly divide the whole unit into two compact segments using the framelock mechanism caster wheels and quick release. No tools are required. To free up extra room purchase a Rogue Rower Hanger.

Simple Assembly

The Rowing machine Concept 2 Rower contains everything required for fast set-up. The front legs can be easily installed with only 8 screws, and concise, clear instructions included. Your rower will be ready for use within 30 minutes.

Rogue Shipping

 All the orders made by 3PM are shipped on the same day. You can track your order the whole way. Concept 2 rowers are shipped flat rate within the US. Find Quality Products from Verified Suppliers. Get a Live Quote on Concept 2 Rowers Now!

Recent reviews on Concept 2 Rower For Sale

(Clarence Wolf)

Being a marathon runner in the past, I’m familiar with injuries, because now I have chronic arthritis in my knees, so it’s painful for me even to walk long distances. That’s why I decided to try elliptical machines, but they caused me pain, because they still have weight bearing. I had to stop my training a couple of years ago, but I gained some extra fat and I started having specific health problems. I was out of shape because even climbing up the stars left me breathless. I was depressed because of my weight, so I had to start everything from the very beginning. First, I consulted doctors who advised me to start swimming as it was the best aerobic activity without stressing my injured knees. Unfortunately, there was no pool close to my house, but I was lucky to find this machine accidentally. Many positive reviews convinced me that it’s a great choice, so now I want to share my personal impressions about its use.

This device was delivered in a few days and I received it packed in a durable box, so it wasn’t damaged. The only problem is that the package was quite heavy so that I couldn’t get it into the house easily, and there was no one to help me to solve this problem. I decided to open the package outside to bring all pieces separately into my house. Actually, there are only 2 basic pieces, including the seat frame and the flywheel, so I took them inside and assembled this machine in a few minutes. There are only eight screws necessary to put this device together in addition to a convenient screwdriver. I joined these sections in the middle with their hook design and a special locking mechanism. Its seat frame literally dropped into its flywheel, so it’s quite easy to lock it down. I didn’t use any extra tool to do this job, so it’s easy to take these pieces apart if you need to store them.

(Marc A. Baer)

I did a lot of research about concept 2 rower for sale before buying this machine, but now I’m fully satisfied with my choice. I made a comparison with other machines, such as BodyCraft and other Concept2 models, but they lost this competition for different reasons, including their price, height, etc. When I got this device, I tested it at a local gym to determine whether I was making the right investment. It was a good idea, so I tested a few other models to see if they were any better. Now, I can say that I did the best choice, and I also bought a special heart-rate monitor to exercise on my new Concept2. I want to buy the special software after training a few more weeks.

Basically, there are different reasons why I made this choice. I think that special RowPro software for this machine is quite motivational and easy to follow. Its performance monitor enables you to connect to compatible and custom software, and it’s a great benefit offered only by this brand. I can project this incredible rowing simulator program to my wide-screen TV to compete with my past rows or other people worldwide. Its heart-rate monitor saved the necessary data on each stoke, thus, also enabling users to compete against themselves or other people. I’m sure that other counterparts don’t have the same software and connection, and that’s why this machine is my favorite. We hope that we could help you to understand how and where to check for concept 2 model d for sale and start your training sessions asap.

(Danny Gonzalez)

I’ve resisted available deals on rowers for a long time, but I made a decision to buy this one based on a large number of positive customer reviews. Now I’m very happy I did that. This unit was shipped in a few days, and it came in a big box, so everything was well-packaged. It’s easy to put everything together, because there are only 8 bolts, and another great thing is that the necessary tools are included. Personally, it took me less than 5 minutes to complete this task. I got my rower for under $1000 as I did my purchase during concept 2 rower labor day sale and got free shipping by Amazon.

Although I read many positive reviews, this machine even exceeded my personal expectations, because it’s very solid, which is surprising for such a unit that weighs 55 lbs. Besides, its rowing motion is incredible, slide is smooth and clutch uptake is with no stacks. I saw a few complaints of other users about the seat, which is too hard for them. That’s why I expected is to be hard plastic, but it turned out to be firm rubber, and it has a cushion, so I had no problems with it. I got an extra gel cushion, but I don’t use it at all. I was also a bit concerned with the noise, because I use this machine in the hard room, but everything is fine. Overall, this item definitely exceeds all of my expectations.

(Johnny G. Rosenberg)

My first experience was with an affordable rower to define whether rowing is good for me. The item I ordered was the best seller when I ordered it online. When I understood that I like rowing, I purchased this Concept2 machine, and now I love it! My shape is much better now, so it’s a nice rower. I also used a few other machines in the past, including treadmills, bikes, etc. My favourite choice was the elliptical, but now I spend more time on this rower machine because it’s great, and the support given by the company is perfect.

I have a few suggestions for the future, such as getting a special phone mount and bolt it to it. This brand offers a quality smartphone holder, so it’s possible to use any software while exercising. You can enjoy its logbook to get a fast and easy access to tablets if you prefer listening to music or watching movies while working out.

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