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bowflex max trainer m5
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Are you interested in an amazing alternative to the treadmill? We highly recommend you to take a look at Bowflex M5 model for sale. It has a lot of advantages like being quite compact and was created to become a better alternative to regular treadmills. First of all, it provides you with full body workout, you can do not only running or walking on it but a complete full body training which is much more effective for burning calories. It was found that it burns twice more calories than running/walking on a treadmill.

Let’s take a look what you can do with this type of machine

The Max Trainer M5 has 16 resistance levels which will let you customize how hard you want your workout. It has an amazing elliptical system for your lower body which you can also change to stairs motion type of workout. It has bars for your arms for the upper body. If you do your workout regularly your body will get toned in a month.

Another thing why lots of people will choose this machine over a treadmill is the risk to be injured which is so much lower with this model. The type of motions you do on this machine are much more knees friendly especially if you have some extra weight. It happens so because your feet always stay in contact with the surface of machine this is important because it makes your motion very gentle for your joints. Zero impact factor is well known for letting you workout more vigorously than you ever tried.

M5 model has 9 different types of workouts and as we said before 16 resistance levels. So every member of your family will be able to set the machine how he wants it.

You can easily sync this machine with your smartphone or tablet through an app which works both on IOS & Android devices.

Average price for Bowflex M5 is ~$1,600 with a free delivery from AMAZON. The package usually includes a strap for detecting your heart rate.

Let’s take a closer look what we really like about M5 Trainer

First thing as we said is the zero impact factor, which is a better alternative to running, very safe for people who have problems with back pain or any joint problems.

Much higher intensity comparing to running on a treadmill.

This machine lets you sweat fast and burn 2.5 more calories than a treadmill. 20-30 minutes on a Max Trainer will change your body in couple weeks.

This helps increase the number of calories burned per unit time. You not only work with your feet but also your hands are in continuous motion, which encourages harmoniously to develop the bottom and top of the body.

16 modes of loading will allow being engaged both to beginners and advanced people in fitness. Gradually increase the load, you will be able to improve your results and endurance.

M5 model is equipped with an excellent and functional screen.

It has the preset program for different types of goals. Some people like to test their power abilities some train more to develop better endurance and stamina.

Hear Rate monitor: which is included in the package which will help you to track your pulse which working out on a machine. This type of heart tracker is much more sensitive than heart rate handles on a treadmill.

User profiles: can be saved to track your progress. Each member of your family can have his own and save all the stats.

Some extras: this model is coming with a bottle holder and a rack to keep your gadgets, like a tablet or phone.

Bowflex Max Trainer is super compact, it weighs only 143 pounds and can be placed in a smaller room compared to a treadmill.

The Bowflex Max Trainer M5 is an amazing modern training machine for beginners to advanced fitness lovers. It will let you save money and time on going to the gym and let you train all year round. It has amazing consumer reviews on Amazon.

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