Best Vacuum for Pet Hair 2020

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Best Vacuums For Pet Hair in 2020 – Buying Guide

If you are also a pet owner, just like me, you will probably agree when I claim that cleaning pet hair requires much effort and is a rather complicated task. That’s why I decided to create this best vacuum for pet hair guide. A usual vacuum cleaner will hardly clean it up, since its suction isn’t too powerful. Basically, striving to ensure a clean home, the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair will be required. They are exclusively designed for the purpose and are considerably more effective than standard hoovers.

The issue to talk about today though is the fact that an overwhelming amount of different products available on the market are supposed to do the job perfectly but, in fact, there are only multiple items that really do it well.

Taking this fact into account, we have decided to make a list of the top options currently available on the market. We consider a whole number of aspects, from various features up to the cost. The list contains both cheap and expensive models. However, our initial goal is to single out the leading vacuum cleaner in terms of providing impressive value for money and simplicity in use. Not to make you wait anymore, let’s get started with the list.

  1. Upright: Miele Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog

This amazing vacuum by Miele is rated #1 as the best vacuum for pet hair 2020. No matter if you have a dog, a cat or both, probably, you will never find a more effective pet vacuum cleaner than the exclusive Miele U1. Besides, you won’t also find a more expensive option!

Believe it or not, but this unique vacuum cleaner will guarantee you complete fortune. Now that the price will not be justifiable to the majority of people, none of them will deny that the Miele U1 is the best hoover on the whole market.

It’s ultimately powerful and functions well on diverse types of surfaces, such as carpets, smooth floor surfaces and area rugs. It’s not just great for cleaning pet hair, but probably the top option you can purchase.

The SwivelNeck technology presents the best maneuverability, so that you can clean around low furnishings and chair legs without extra effort. The active charcoal exhaust cassette is combined with the Active AirClean filter to clean the output air up to 99.9%, that is an excellent result for pet owners.

The core advantage provided by the active charcoal cassette is an ability to remove odors from the exhaust. The cleaner does not produce that “dusty” smell noticeable from other hoovers, when the bag is full. We found this feature rather beneficial, since the air remains clean and odor-free.

Due to the brush roller that is spring-loaded, you can adjust the necessary height depending on the surface losing no suction. Another handy feature the vacuum cleaner is equipped with is the bright LED headlight that illuminates the room being cleaned. It is not the main advantage, though a nice adding to all the other peculiarities. The included mini Turbobrush serves an excellent helper in cleaning delicate upholstery and cut-pile carpets. Additionally, you can remove dog or cat hair from furnishings and clean stairs with ease with this tool.

Do not bore yourself with numerous specifications the hoover has since most people don’t even care about that. Besides, we realize that the item won’t be the leading choice, considering its price.  

However, once you got tired of replacing hoovers each year or even half a year since they do not function properly anymore, the Miele U1 will be the best investment in a durable solution and probably the best hoover for pet hair.

  1. Canister: The Dyson DC39 Animal

The DC39 Animal, like the majority of Dyson products, is going to be a rather costly option. However, it is the peculiarity of the Dyson brand name you know that combines the most reliable features but preserves the corresponding price.

Purchasing the DC39 from an authorized reseller, you obtain a 5-year labor and parts warranty. This will hold the mind at ease since the item will cost you a pretty penny. The Radial Root Cyclone technology patented by Dyson ensures easy cleaning without suction loss. This features makes this model one of the best vacuum for pet hair.

When we tested this model, we considered it worked well on various types of flooring, with the only exception being the carpet. Taking into account the cost of the option, we noticed it struggled on carpets. Nevertheless, it worked excellent on laminate, tile and other hardwood floorings. The suction is extremely powerful making it arguably the top hoover for hard floors at this price range.

The stylish design and compact size make it difficult to understand that such a machine can be so potent. With 5-year warranty and Dyson’s brand name, you are sure that the DC39 Animal is a top-quality item. No doubts, it is expensive, but having multiple pets and being in search of a perfect hoover for hardwood floors, the DC39 is the most effective and powerful option you will ever find.

  1. Upright: Shark Navigator

Nowadays, the upright Shark Navigator belongs to the group of the best-selling hoovers available on the market. The item is ultimately easy in use and extremely lightweight. In fact, thanks to the swivel steering technology used, you can easily maneuver around cleaning difficult zones.

An extra big canister with 0.55-gallon capacity is very convenient since you don’t need to empty it every time. A hard floor attachment included is ideal for picking up all the debris you can see. In addition to this, a microfiber pad included helps to wipe away all the particles, even the tiniest ones.

Besides, powerful pet attachments allow lifting up any hair rather fast. The potent suction assists in picking up the dirt you can notice, and remove the embedded dirt you find. Striving to clean diverse types of surface, an area rug, an extremely thick carpet or bare floor, the Shark Navigator is the best solution.

The superior HEPA filtration together with sealed vacuum technology helps capture and keep more than 99.9% of allergens and dust inside it. All these features and functions make the Navigator the top quality item to purchase not only for pet owners but for general cleaning, too.

Upon testing, we managed to find the Navigator work quickly and remove pet hair effectively from different surface types. Considering its cost, the Shark Navigator is definitely a bargain and had no hesitation in recommending the item to you. It’s definitely not as good as the Miele U1, but it’s 3 times cheaper. We think that the differences are not crucial, so spending three times more is not a variant. Thus, if you want to save money and get a powerful hoover, opt for the Shark Navigator.

  1. Upright: Hoover WindTunnel UH30310

    This T-Series upright hoover is perfect for cleaning any pet hair. The Windtunnel Technology engaged in the item helps you remove the embedded dirt and eliminate the irritating blowback of dirt on rugs and carpets probably everyone has experienced at a certain point.

    Over 99.9% of 0.3-micron pollens and all the dust will be easily trapped due to the carbon HEPA filter. All pet odors are decreased by carbon as well. Besides, we really enjoy the ease of use the hoover provides. The system of one-touch release allows you to quickly and easily access the bag. The system of clean-drop releases the whole bag straightly into the trash if you push only a single button.  

    A one-touch system helps with simple transition between hard floors and carpet. All these features lead to a rather efficient and easy vacuum for cleaning the house.

    The 12-foot stretch hose adds incredible ease of cleaning zones of extended reach, while the pet upholstery tool included is perfect to use. The rubber wipers it has provided an easy pull of stubborn dog or cat hair from the upholstery.

    To cut a long story short, the Hoover Windtunnel UH30310 impressed us greatly. It did the job incredible and was easy to use. Perhaps the top aspect of the item is its cost, which is rather low if compared to similar products. The hoover is a bit noisy, but it is probably a single negative peculiarity about it. After extensive tests, we felt that the vacuum picks up just everything and is smooth to run.
    An included 2-year warranty will help you stay at ease, while the Hoover will deliver high-quality cleaning. You may be sure you’re opting for the leading products if you purchase this upright vacuum cleaner.

  2.  Shark APEX AZ1002

    The Shark assortment of domestic house products is extensive and vacuum cleaner designed for technical software, is something that the brand is well known for. Therefore it goes without saying the Shark Apex AZ1002 will stand out as an exceptional machine. Not only is that this vacuum cleaner a wiz at eliminating pet hair, it’s exceptional as a double purpose vacuum cleaner to both carpets and hard flooring.

    Removing pet hair out of the flooring is 1 thing. But cleansing the hair out of the brush rolls is an unwelcome frustration. This is the point where the Shark AZ1002 actually shows its art. The wise engineers in Shark have produced a simple, yet highly efficient method to eliminate pet hair as you wash. The Zero-M system eliminates unwanted pet, or individual hair which wraps round the brush roll without you having to do something.

    Another incentive for pet owners would be your Total Seal, anti-allergen air filtration system. The HEPA filter fulfills the greatest standards and is very good for removing allergens from the atmosphere, in addition to those pesky pet scents. Noise reduction is just another and, both for you and your cats or cats. Most of us know the way the growling vacuum cleaner may place our pets into a frenzy.

    Together with the obvious pet-friendly characteristics, the Shark Apex AZ1002 includes all hallmarks of a luxury vacuum cleaner. The removable canister immediately transforms it by a skillful vertical vacuum into a handy handheld one. LED lights onto the cleaning head and handle make matters simpler in corners and under furniture. The DuoClean brush rolls transition out of heavy cleansing for thick carpets to polishing hard flooring .

    Removing pet hair out of the carpets and polishing your hard flooring could not be simpler with this vacuum cleaner. The Shark Apex AZ1002 isn’t only a superb pet hair vacuum cleaner, but it is a dream machine for any active home.

  3. Eureka NEU180B

    Eureka has come out with a model that is made for the struggles of pet hair. While it does not have some exceptional technologies indoors (as do the Dyson and Shark), the NEU180B’s rotating brushes offer powerful suction and do an excellent job cleaning up after Fido or Fluffy. Insert from the moderate price and light weight of the vacuum — only ten pounds — and you’ve got another well worth contemplating.

    There are a number of nice features being supplied. The dust cup onto this bagless vacuum is extra big, and no maintenance is needed aside from a normal rinsing of this filter. You may pick out of five height positions using the turn of a dial, so it is possible to fix the machine to get optimum vacuuming of carpet, rugs, hardwood and even tile.

    There is a stretch hose that extends into four times its normal length and also an extra-long crevice tool, as well as the brush and upholstery tool which come mounted on the vacuum cleaner. But unfortunately, there is no HEPA filtration. The device is offered in four different colors: graphite, blue, black, purple or green.

  4. Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet 2252

    Here is another moderately-priced choice from the other huge title from the vacuum universe, Bissell.

    There are a range of things to enjoy about the machine, for example its aerodynamic steering, its own”scatter-free” technologies which prevents dirt from scattering around hardwood flooring, its triple-action tangle-free brush roster , and its own multi-cyclonic pet hair spooling system, which attracts all the hair to the dust container so that you don’t need to”touch with the yuck” — as Bissell so kindly clarifies it.

    However, exactly what the G+S review group enjoyed best is your nice choice of unique pet hair tools such as a TurboEraser attachment which blows off the hair from thick carpet, upholstery and stairs, and a pet hair corner instrument.

    What we did not enjoy was that the lack of a HEPA filter to catch pet allergens. The Cleanview employs a proprietary Bissell allergen filter which can or can not be washed (the documentation, curiously, states ) and can be fabricated with Febreze indoors, to depart the atmosphere with a new odor. That is nice, but much less powerful as HEPA filtration. That criticism aside, the Swivel Pet does a great job collecting all the annoying hair which loveable pets leave behind.


Best Pet Vacuums Under $100 (2020 Rating)

  1. Upright: BISSELL CleanView 9595A

Striving to buy a top-quality hoover for $100, the BISSELL CleanView 9595A is probably the best option. It may be cheap, but this vacuum matches up quite well against its more expensive counterparts.

Being lightweight, it features ultimately powerful suction, multi-level filtration, and revolutionary brush design. The “OnePass” technology of BISSELL ensures more thorough and efficient cleaning.

The thing we enjoy about the 9595A is its ability to keep powerful suction over a long time, so there is no problem cleaning the whole house. The TurboBrush Tool included in the hoover functions well and is ideal for cleaning the furniture, upholstery, and stairs.

However, the most vital thing is the fact that the 9595A is perfect when you need to clean pet hair. When comparing this model with the expensive Oreck vacuum, we were shocked by the results. The Oreck failed to pick up pet hair while the BISSELL 9595A worked great.

It’s rather simple in use and easy to clean. The only thing required is emptying the dirt tank and washing the sponge filter.

Considering low cost, but impressive features, the BISSELL CleanView 9595A serves a top quality vacuum cleaner that provides ideal value for money.

To conclude, let me say that all the options mentioned in the list are perfect if you wish to keep your house clean and free from hair left by your dog or cat.

The Miele U1 Cat & Dog is the best pet hair hoover sold at a hilarious price. Once you have the money but want the best option, you will not probably find a better variant.

The Dyson DC39 serves a fabulous hoover with a similar price tag. Opting for the DC39, you may be sure you get a top quality item from a rather reputable brand.

Another quality and the solid product is the Shark Navigator that works well removing pet hair. Pet attachments are quite good while the suction is extremely powerful. Overall, looking at its reasonable price tag, the Hoover serves an excellent option preferred by the majority of customers.

The reliable BISSELL CleanView 9595A serves an ultimate option if you are in search of a high-quality vacuum at a moderate price. If you wish to save money while getting the best hoover, don’t hesitate to select the BISSELL CleanView 9595A.

Types Of Vacuum Cleaners

Before we are sure you get the leading vacuum to deal with hair, there are several types of vacuum you need to be aware of. Selecting the type is the primary and most responsible task during the whole process, as every single item is uniquely suited for various circumstances.

Upright Vacuums

The best options for handling the floor are upright vacuums. The offer is exceptionally suitable for owners of fluffy dogs since they know how things tend to accumulate and get out of hand. The items are not exceptionally useful when it comes to furniture and rather useless when you need to get up high, considering the design.

Definitely, these are your first thoughts when you hear about a vacuum cleaner. It may be a surprise, but there are several items created specifically for handling pet hair. In case the floor is the key problem, upright vacuum cleaners are the best solutions.

Canister Vacuums

Searching for higher powered vacuums, you need to pay due attention to canister vacuums. They are characterized by a stationary base with the handle resembling the one of the upright vacuum. Consequently, the items are perfect for both the floor and getting up high, if necessary.

The extra power is useful for thick hair removal and innovative design will help you take care of the furniture pretty well. Besides, they tend to be a bit more complicated to use, as you will need to drag the canister all around. The cost of such an item will also impress you, as a quality and useful canister vacuum will cost a pretty penny, becoming a worthy investment only in case you have super heavy shedders. Canister vacuums are the best choice for houses with big amounts of pet hair.

Handheld Vacuums

This innovation will help you deal with the balls of pet’s fluff with minimal hassle. However, you need to be exceptionally picky, as the ads of multiple better brands are hitting the market, even though the offers are not worth the cost.

Handheld vacuums are optimal for taking care of furniture, as well as high places, as they are lightweight and powerful with different attachments. On the other hand, the small surface for suction power makes them unsuitable for cleaning floors. In case your pet is making complete mess on the floor and you can clean it all with a usual vac, investing in a handheld item is the choice you should make.

How to Select Your Vacuum Cleaner – Updated 2020 Guide

It is not some super specialized facts, but following some recommendations and keeping some specifications in mind while looking for various offers will not hurt a bit, but can assist in making the right decision about the best vacuum suiting your needs and being able to deal with the horrible hairy mess from your pet.

  • Type of your floor: even in case you plan on getting an upright vacuum to handle the mess on the floor, mind that some items will deal with different types of floor in various ways. This is exceptionally important in case your pet has free reign on the house, as the hall and kitchen usually have diverse floor types.
  • HEPA filters: in case you are allergic, or any of your visitors suffers from airborne dander, HEPA filters are the things you need to keep an eye out for. These items will help to decrease, maybe not completely, the amount of allergens around the house, as they pick up little particles.
  • Cordless or corded: it is a well-known fact that corded vacuums are a bit more powerful, while handheld are frequently more cumbersome to use. If you are in search of something for light duty on your couches, consider a battery operated model.
  • Attachments: view the attachments carefully, as some of them are window dressing, while others are completely essential for the management of a proper amount of pet hair.
  • Budget: pet hair vacuums are constantly growing in cost, but the danger of your furniture damage is growing correspondingly. Once you are running quite tight, you will surely want to take maximal care of how much you spend, but in case you have extra money, it is better to view higher-end models that are usually worth the cost.

Issues to Consider While Deciding on the Vacuum to Purchase

With such a variety of vacuum cleaners and their brands available on the market, choosing the right product can be confusing. However, there are multiple factors you need to evaluate before you settle on the right cleaner, including:

  • Upright, Canister or Combined Vacuums – Which Is Better? Canister and upright are the two words that will appear immediately when you start shopping for a vacuum. So, what are the most important differences between these types? Canister vacuum cleaners (the ones with a wheeled body and a long hose, pulled behind the user) will offer higher maneuverability and flexibility. A separate hose allows the user to reach the most distant places under tables and couches. One of the most significant drawbacks is having almost no control over the canister – imagine it is bumping into walls and furniture while you are pulling it behind.

Proponents of upright cleaners (the ones with the suction head and a canister included in one device), specify the compactness of the design and its easy storage. A bit more expensive models, including Groom+Style’s Dyson, come with a special telescoping hose which allows you both to go up the stairs and reach under the tables. As for the cleaning action, the performance is close to equal and depends mainly on the model you prefer. The choice at this point will also depend mainly on your personal preferences.


  • Bagless or Bag Cleaners


This question is another confusing point when it comes to selecting a vacuum cleaner. The items “with a bag” will help you collect dirt and dust, but you will need to purchase an extra package of bags since they usually have a limited lifespan and need to be replaced often. Besides, bagged vacuums feature a cheaper upfront price, but higher ongoing cost. On the contrary, bagless cleaners will prevent you from the inconvenience of purchasing bags for the cleaner. It is better to empty the bagless vacuum since you do not need to interact with dirty bags. At the same time, retrieving your accidentally vacuumed earrings becomes completely easy.

Consider the Areas You Will Use the Vacuum for

It is surely easier to clean short-haired loose fur of your pet from hardwood floor, especially if compared to sucking out what resembles “half a cat” from the deep folds of the couch or carpeted cat tree. Therefore, it is inevitable to consider the place you are planning to vacuum before purchasing the machine. The cleaner with perfect suction and a cost tag could serve overkill for the routine tasks.

Once Fido or Fluffy sheds (sheds and sheds, routinely) everywhere and anywhere, make sure the pet hair cleaner you have selected performs equally well on carpets, floors, cars and upholstery. It should also feature strong suction and come with proper tools for deep fabrics cleaning and an ability to get into crevices and cracks.

Otherwise, you can do the duties with a regular vacuum cleaner. You should also consider the area you will be cleaning, paying exceptional attention to its size. Portable models may not feature sufficient battery power to complete household tasks without pausing for a recharge.

Here is the deal: pet hair really is a game changer in regards to vacuuming, and deciding upon a wrong vacuum just causes disappointment and frustration.

You will know what I am referring to:

– You vacuum around the house like a maniac for an hour only to realize then there is pet hair. . everywhere! (Been there, my buddy!)

– The vacuum works good… before the hose or filters become clogged up with pet hair and dander. And the suction power drops.

– You believe for a second you eliminate this annoying hair. But then you know that the hair really never ended up within the dirt bin instead, it got tangled round the brush.

– Or. . You are prepared to take care of the issue with a heap of money and find the fanciest model on the market – just to end up a few hundred dollars poorer while picking these loose hairs one by one out of your sofa.

This will surprise you, however, just a small number of vacuum cleaner out there can really abolish pet hair out of your house.


Due to vacuum which may conquer pet hair has to be outfitted with so-called Basic – characteristics.

Allow me to clarify.

A well-working pet hair vacuum must get improved and robust suction systems.
Filters must be high performing to select up allergens.
It has to be overall made to handle large amounts/high quantities of pet hair and dander.
Additionally, due to the quantity of hair, there ought to be sufficient dirt capacity.
You want specially made attachments and tools to assist with pet hair removal.
Additionally, a well-working layout averts the recurrence of hair also makes certain that the hair is going to wind up in the container or bag.
Finally, the vacuum should work well on various surfaces, since pet hair collects everywhere.
As you can see, the vacuum which could effectively remove pet hair has to be a real powerhouse! But do not worry — as here is where PetHairPatrol comes to the rescue.

I’ve spent hours on search to discover which vacuums out there provide their promises and which I can call the best vacuum for pet hair. I have written detailed reviews based on enormous research and firsthand user expertise (because clients understand it best). No fluff, however detailed, up-to-date, pertinent information accumulated with pet owners in your mind.

But , we must concentrate on the most crucial thing: determining your wants and preferences.

Doing so is vital. Because only by doing so, it is possible to come across a vacuum that meets your situation and provides the occupation. Additionally, this ensures you get the best deal for the money.

Now that you understand what the Fundamental qualities of a pet hair vacuum would be, it is time to begin narrowing down your choices. To begin with, let us find the best sort of this vacuum cleaner for your circumstance.

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