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Sewing is rapidly gaining popularity in the country and becoming one of the most well adopted hobbies both among grandmothers and beginners.

An increasing number of people are realizing the sense of accomplishment and the fun they feel about creating something from scratch. Besides, it is a great ability to fix your favorite pair of socks. Additionally, you get an opportunity to save considerable sums of money creating your own clothing designs or modifying the existing wardrobe for longer use.

However, when you are just starting out, selecting a proper starter sewing machine will be quite intimidating. The market is filled with diverse models, each of them having competing accessories and features and can range from $70 up to $1,000.

It can become overwhelming rather fast.

This post will assist you in narrowing down your search and list the leading beginner sewing machines offered on the market today (according to my subjective point of view).

There are multiple factors you should think of when opting for the appliance for a beginner level. They include:

  • Reliability;
  • Ease of use;
  • Cost.

All three factors together are essential when you choosing the Best Sewing Machine for Beginners. Probably, you have no desire to buy the cheapest product available only to get it broken down after a while. The machine with too many functions and features is also not for you, since it may be too complicated to use for the first time. Instead, you can find a balance of these factors and select the best option.

Top Quality, Low Cost Beginner Sewing Machine (cheaper than $100)

The Brother XL2600I serves a perfect manual sewing machine for beginners. The item is inexpensive, reliable, easy to use and has a full range of features necessary for a beginner. The XL2600 is dependable, free arm equipment that contains an automatic needle threader, auto-buttonholer and 59 built-in stitches. An ultimately lightweight item is easy to transport, though it is not as small as certain handheld models. Numerous features included make the machine an excellent choice. The item gives you an opportunity to have a free arm swing down to provide you with a sewing surface to work on, while you can easily cuff pant legs. Multiple stitching peculiarities allow you to tackle diverse projects from decorative stitches, quilting, garment construction and blind hems. I adore this appliance, and if you are watching for sales, you can purchase it at as low as $100. I wouldn’t hesitate a minute buying this item for anyone starting out the sewing journey.

Looking similar to the XL2600, the XL2610 has subtle differences. The core difference is that the XL-2610 contains a 4-step manual buttonhole while the XL-2600i includes a 1-step buttonhole that is automatic. Additionally, the length of the buttonhole is restricted on the XL2600i and is limited to just 1 1/8 of an inch.

This is another great sewing machine, which will be a good choice for beginners.

Looking for a manual sewing machine when the price isn’t the first concern, I would recommend you the Janome Magnolia 7318. The great balance of features, build quality and price make the item an ideal choice for customers starting out sewing and a proper choice for the ones in search of the best value for money.

Featuring 18 pre-programmed stitches, the Magnolia 7318 comes with a 4-step buttonhole. Among other features are the thread cutter, see-through drop-in bobbin extension table, adjustable feed dog, 25-year warranty and many others.

The build quality and superior power are the biggest reasons to pay more. With cheaper machines you will have problems going through thicker materials, like denim. This item is optimal for quilting has enough power to go through layered fabrics and denim. It is easy to use, and the stitch quality is fabulous. The sewing machine deserves Janome’s ideal reputation for building durable, quality machines. I definitely love this machine and I am sure you will either.

Best Computerized Sewing Machines Lower than $200

Computerized sewing machine the Brother CS6000i is a truly great product, which is optimal for beginners. Being one of the cheapest computerized sewing items available on the market, it has quite many great features and remains easy to use. It has been approved as #1 computerized product for many years on Amazon due of its impressive combination of performance, features and price.

Besides, it is an ultimate choice for beginners, who are a little older, that won’t be overwhelmed or confused with many choices. The Brother CS6000i has been designed to suit people that are starting off their sewing careers, so its functionality is truly as basic as possible.

A couple of years ago I decided to revive my sewing career and used the exact item to begin the project from this review. It was perfect at putting me back in the flow.

Despite the features of the product, it still managed to maintain the required elements to perform advanced activities, which you will finally get into the moment you’ve done with the beginner stages. Definitely, it can help boost the learning curve, which is experienced by the majority of people in the world of crafts and art.

The CS6000i features 7 one-step button holes, 60 built-in stitches, a quilting table and other peculiarities. The auto-needle threader can be easily used, while a start-stop button is perfect for those who do not want to use a foot pedal. Additionally, there is a jam resistant, fast set drop-in bobbin as well as an adjustable speed control that allows you to set the speed of stitches. The function will add extra ease into the sewing process. Another really attractive advantage is lifetime phone support and 25-year warranty. I am strongly convinced that it is one of the leading cheap computerized sewing machines available at this price range. Here you can find an in-depth review of the machine.

The Singer 7258 is another popular model for beginners and intermediate sewers. The machine has got the “Best Buy” award from the Consumer Reports for two years. It features 10 presser feet, amazing 100 stitches, 7 automatic single step buttonholes, as well as other functions. A great number of users find this particular model an extremely functional and efficient advanced machine. That is why an increasing number of people keep purchasing the Singer 7258 Stylist for it’s a user-friendly set, which can hold the ground against more expensive models. We definitely provide the Singer 7258 Stylist with the best feedback on this item!

The main thing I really enjoy about this machine, if compared with the CS6000i, is its solid metal frame that makes it more capable of operating with heavier duty materials. The thing I did not like is the fact that this machine does not suit heavy duty jobs, such as upholstery. Despite it may serve a set back for certain customers, it remains an impressive appliance to get started with.

Another extremely easy-to-use machine suitable for beginner sewers is the Singer Stylist 7258. It comes with auto-thread width and length, automatic threading, the system of easy load drop in bobbin and a useful auto-pilot feature, which allows operating it with no foot pedal. Click here and keep reading a full review of the sewing machine.

Best Computerized Sewing Machine

Jam-packed with features Singer One Plus is an inexpensive, but highly functional sewing machine. The machine has won the title of the Best Home Sewing Machine in the Women’s Choice Award both in 2013 and 2014. There is an enormous reason why it became a winner, and it is not cute design. The core factor that helped it get those prestigious honors is its functionality for home use and its impressive user experience that are simply off the charts in comparison with other models available in the market. These features have made a great gap to its computerized rivals in the industry. Besides, it served a reason why we have selected it as a top computerized sewing machine.

It is equipped with an incredible set of features, such as an automatic needle threader, 221 stitches, large sewing space, speed control, stitch elongation, start/stop button, drop-in bobbin, removable free arm, heavy metal frame and much more.

The device is extremely easy to use. The drop-in bobbin, SwiftSmart threading system, start and stop buttons make setting and sewing processes fast and enjoyable. From beginners up to experienced users will find much to love in this appliance. Its performance is smooth, flawless, quiet and powerful. Click here to get my full review of the machine.

Final Thoughts

It is definitely up to you to start either with a computerized or manual sewing machine. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages. Once you are looking for something low cost for constant use, the Brother XL2610 and XL2600I are good matches. They are simple in use and will not be intimidating, compared to computerized machines. Nevertheless, if you wish to get something more durable for frequent use, then the Janome Magnolia 7318 is the option to consider.

If you are not on a budget and prefer a computerized machine, the Singer One Plus will be the best choice, especially if you work with thicker materials. It has an impressive list of features while the performance at such a price is rather hard to beat.

Once you are in search of something cheaper, the Brother CS6000ior or the Singer 7258 Stylist can be recommended. The number of features these machines provide the user with include much room for growth and numerous abilities for further projects. They are not only popular and inexpensive, but well reviewed items easy to use.

Hopefully, you have found this article handy. Once you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them using the form below. Thank you and happy sewing!

Computerized or Manual?

Another important choice you may be considering is either to get an innovative computerized sewing machine or a traditional manual one. There are definitely good reasons to buy either type. Besides, it depends on your comfortability with these machines and your needs. If it is easier for you to utilize a computerized model, go for it without hesitation, but some people would select a manual machine.

Computerized machines have more options, especially the ones that make certain tasks much easier. Such items are generally better for quilting and embroidery. With a single push of the button you can start/stop it, thread a needle, change to diverse stitch patterns or create a button hole. Nevertheless, such machines can require more learning due to a wide range of options available.

Manual machines are not equipped with such a great number of features, but definitely contain the ones necessary for a beginner. Once you are starting the process, you don’t really need 8 various buttonholes, 40 stitches or other fancy options available in more expensive appliances. A quality mechanical machine is a proper place to start with. Basically, it is exceptionally true for youngsters. Fewer features and less computerized details also mean you will get much fewer issues that can go wrong. Follow the link to view the sewing machines that I recommend for children.

Besides, above you can find several beginner sewing machines I recommend in every of the computerized and manual categories.

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