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Best Rowing Machines of 2020 – Updated Buying Guide & Reviews

How to buy the best rowing machine on the market? Feel clueless and confused when choosing the right one? Nowadays, you can find the items that cater to the standard needs of consumers, so rowing machines come in a variety of types to suit everyone in all possible ways. You need to define personal preferences and requirements before you research available options and make a final choice. According to the ratings and feedback of many users, Concept 2 Model D is a winner. It’s an obvious choice for people who want to push themselves to the maximum, and this model is used by advanced athletes.

If you feel confused or lost when shopping for a perfect rowing machine, we’re here to help you make this choice easier. That’s because we made our in-depth research to find the best brands that have high price-to-performance ratios. We also checked their features to make this list of good choices.

#1. Concept 2 Model D

The item created by Concept 2, a company that earned its reputation and name in the market for producing excellent fitness equipment worldwide. It’s famous for manufacturing a number of quality rowing devices based on the suitability and needs of consumers. This machine comes equipped with 2 hydraulic cylinders, and they’re necessary to provide continuous resistance and maximum workout output to help users in their intense exercises. Besides, it has a special anti-slip base to prevent it from skidding on the floor. Another benefit is its comfy ergonomic seat, because it runs on the rail quite smoothly. Its handles are padded, as this feature helps users maintain their strong grip and prevent blistering.

Best rowing machines for beginners

#2. Stamina Avari Magnetic Power

This machine is created by Avari, a company with a focus on people’s total body workouts and building their stamina. This brand is also involved in manufacturing top-notch fitness equipment, such as rower machines helpful for consumers. This machine has a special magnetic resistance system with controlled resistance levels, smooth braking systems and noiseless functioning. It also has quite a solid steel frame with durable nylon pulleys and aluminum beam. You can easily fold it because it comes with mobile wheels that make it easy to store and guarantee easy moving. A smooth rowing experience is guaranteed by hydraulic resistance and unique ball-bearing roller integrated in this unit.

Best rowing machine for seniors

#3. Lifecore R100 Commercial

The rowing machine offered by this company is famous for its durability, affordability and other amazing characteristics. This manufacturer produces quite versatile fitness equipment for both commercial and personal uses. This great device is designed by using the latest electronic brake system technology. It also offers magnetic and air resistance to all users, and that’s why it’s used by many athletes. This unit is more about being commercial, thus, enabling its smooth operation and offering a great possibility to use it for different purposes. There are ergonomic handles that guarantee a strong grip, while its footrest fits many shoe sizes and comes angled with efficient pivoting heel support. Overall, this rowing machine has quite a sturdy and strong aluminum frame with black coating and solid steel support.

#4. Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

This one is manufactured by a well-established brand, and its design is based on well-known drum magnetic control. The company produces a wide range of fitness equipment, such as versatile rowing machines, including Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower that has magnetic resistance system and an aluminum frame, which holds a foam padded seat with ergonomic design. Besides, it extends towards the outer side and supports electronic tension control. Easy movements and mobility of this device are ensured by in-built transportation wheels. It’s foldable, so you can store it without any difficulty.

Great Benefits Offered by Rowing Machines in 2020

Many people agree that such devices are great for different reasons, such as being based on designs of solid rowing boats. They offer new-age exercise equipment that can be used both in the gym and at home, but the best part is that their use doesn’t require any gym trainers or professional assistance. A rowing machine puts less strain on your muscles while helping you stick to a fitness routine and burn calories at home. There are many other outstanding benefits of using this innovative fitness equipment that proves to be quite helpful for those exercisers who suffer from injuries, because they can stay fit. Find out more about the main reasons to buy one of them listed below:

  1. Full body workouts. When shopping for the best equipment to help you complete regular workout sessions, a rowing machine is a perfect choice because it offers the workouts of upper and lower body muscles to tone and strengthen them. When using this device, you’re provided with well-sculpted muscles and complete body training.
  2. Exercising at home. Many people promise themselves to go to the gym, but they always lack enough time to keep this promise. A quality rowing machine is your answer because you get total body workouts that can be done at home, even if you have limited time, as it values you and offers effective workout sessions.
  3. Burning calories and losing fat. This device is perfect for aerobic exercises because their intensity can be easily customized based on personal requirements. It strengthens all muscles of your body and offers fast weight loss. Overall, a rowing machine is a great calorie-burning device, and its effectiveness is compared to professional gym fitness equipment. It works by tightening and toning your body to make you look slimmer.
  4. Improving metabolism. This equipment can improve your metabolism rates by boosting the oxygen flow all over your body. It’s also quite effective in enhancing your cardiovascular system because it contributes to heart functions, blood circulation and much more.
  5. Easy workout sessions. This machine helps users lose weight, burn calories and tone their bodies, but the best part is that it decreases their stress levels. Based on the latest reports and studies, rowing machines stimulate special centers in the brain responsible for triggering endorphin release. You can relax while working out!

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