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Best Juicers of 2018 – Comparison & Buying Guide

The decent Tribest Slowstar is extremely effective juicing soft fruit, hard vegetables and greens. Being one of the slowest juicers in the market, it produces more nutrients, juice and less foam than its competitors.

After pushing above 40 pounds of pulpy, crunchy, leafy produce through 9 best machines, we consider the Tribest Slowstar the top and most decent juicer for multiple years of home use. The single vertical auger it is equipped with turns at 47 rpm, contributing to its title of the slowest juicers ever available – the feature that guarantees maximum enzymes and nutrients from products, and it keeps yielding more juice than almost all the different models we tested that means less was wasted. The machine comes has a 10-year warranty for all the parts, so you can use it every single day without worrying about the wear.

The Runner-Up: Perfect for Greens Omega VSJ843

With numerous high yields of the models we tested, the easy-to-clean machine presented is worth extra price, especially if you’re a juice fan.

Once you have no opportunity to get the Tribest, there is an alternative versatile runner-up the Omega VSJ843. The machine suits customers who are fond of green juices only. Juice got from the ultimate VSJ series is literally pulp-free, have minimal foam, but is full of flavor. The output for green juice is also rather high. The machine itself runs at a calm hum and features a lower profile. This ultimate design decreases excessive crannies and nooks within individual parts, so cleaning the elements is easier, if compared with other juicers. A 15-year warranty of Omega makes the machine pay off its keep with years. Nevertheless, it is a less functional machine than other selections we made, with no nut-butter attachments, worse yields on apple-carrot juice, and it costs over $100 more.

The Economical Pick: For Fruits and Roots

We still consider the Omega J8004 to be of proper value, even though it didn’t give us the desirable yields on green juice of top runner-up and pick that means you’ll have to pay more for produce after a while.

Once you are not ready to give up to $400 to buy a juicer, we are still sure that our initial top choice, the Omega J8004, will be a good inexpensive option. This commercial-quality juicer is perfect for greens. However, it works better with hard fruits and roots. While it isn’t cheap, keep in mind that the value of undersqueezed products can add up rapidly for lower-yield machines. An impressive 15-year warranty makes the Omega a good value.

Our Best Juicer 2016 Pick

For several years already, the Tribest Slowstar, a slow-press, vertical single auger juicer, handled all of our tests. The machine yielded almost the highest amount of hard vegetable juice and green juice with low effort, no motor jams and minimal foam. John Kohler from claims the Slowstar to be one of his favorite juicers. This machine deserves the title of the top efficient with greens, ejecting dry, fine, sawdust-like pulp after extraction. The item has a precious feed tube opening that makes faster preparation and easier juicing. The quiet option has a 10-year warranty, which covers the parts and the motor, being one of the most reliable guarantees among other juicers we tested.

Tribest is the company that markets the machine “Duoblade” auger with two cutting edges to crush and chop more with every rotation. The motor utilizes a three-gear system, which allows the item to turn slowly though with much torque. During our testing we investigated that this function promotes low-temperature juice with the best yields from all greens, even low-moisture ones, like kale.

Such an efficient design provides the Slowstar with an ability to crank out the top volume of juice from a little 6½ by eight inch footprint. The opening of the feed tube is comparatively wide and reaches 2½ by 1½ inches. Surely, that doesn’t seem huge, but it is over 67% wider than the alternative Omega J8004’s that measures just 1½ inches in diameter. The wide feeder gives an increased leeway with pre-juice prep. The waste is collected in a waste container, which is included. The reverse button the Slowstar is equipped with can be useful if you have to dislodge stuck vegetable, though I have never needed one.

The Tribest dealt with a non-stop kale stream with extra soft grapes without stalling out or gumming up, unlike the Hurom Elite that had to be reverses a few times. The total yield from a pound of grapes and greens reached 11.1 ounces by weight, that is the second-highest yield, if compared to all the other juicers. Putting the VSJ843 and the Slowstar in a face-to-face pound spinach challenge, the results were rather unexpected – the Slowstar produced just one ounce more juice than its rival.

The dependable indicator of the greens amounts made into the glass was the flavor; the juice which had a sweeter taste contained more grape and less kale. The flavor produced by the Tribest juice was fresh and bright like any offered at boutique juice bars, containing a good balance of grapes and kale. The shade was a thrilling green, the foam was minimal, measuring 0.5 inches off the juice top. To compare the results, a bit worse juicers had over 3 inches of foam above the juice surface.

Additionally, the Tribest handled 21 ounces of fibrous and hard fruits and vegetables, such as a champ. The juice yield, containing apple, celery, carrot and ginger reaches 16 ounces that is the third top result among all the models tested. Thus, it is well-balanced juice with little foam, but great, even flavor.

Juicing enthusiasts claim slow and low extraction, while the Tribest provides it without overheating the product. I took a pound of curly kale and put it through the Tribest in around 10 minutes at the temperature of 72°F. Despite the machine was constantly running during all that time, the temperature of the final product reached 85°F. There was a comparatively small but extremely pleasant amount of pulp inside. Once you are not fond of pulp, the Tribest contains a stainless steel hand strainer that will catch solid bits. Besides, the Tribest is quite easy to clean, since there are five separate parts to rinse, but no sponge-shredding teeth on the item. However, the elements aren’t safe for a dishwasher.

To tell the truth, the Tribest Slowstar features not only juicing. It is equipped with a “homogenizing” mincer, which can grin without extracting liquid – handy for making nut butters, sorbets and more. The bowl attachment fits into the base, with the auger to pulverize the products and push them through a big chute with no screen.

Juicing is an expensive habit irrespective of the way you do it. We understand that $300+ is much to spend on a little appliance, though we are strongly convinced that it’s worth the effort.

Runner up Model

The slowest machine from all the tested ones, the Omega VSJ843, turns at an ultimate slow 43 rpm, and its work results in low-foam juices. Quiet operation will not leave you indifferent. In the route of investigation, the VSJ843 produced over 25% more green juice, if compared to the top-yielding Tribest. Thus, once you’re interested just in smooth green juices, it will be the best choice. Nevertheless, for the majority of people, its higher cost, lack of versatility and lower yields on apple-carrot juice turns it into a close runner-up.

Being 15.5 inches, this low-profile, quiet juicer will fit any low-hanging cabinets. Besides, it is easy to stash away in a mid-sized cupboard. As all slow single-auger machines are quieter than the centrifugal alternatives, the VSJ is quieter than any of our picks, but not much.

Exceeding its predecessors, the VSJ843 produces almost pulp-free juices that are undoubtedly the smoothest drinks I’ve ever got in my kitchen. It was difficult to find out much solid matter in three juices made from this exclusive machine.

The Omega VSJ843 contains multiple great features, including a dual-edged auger, which looks similar to the auger on the best pick we have singled out, the Tribest Slowstar. Following the John Kohler’s words, Tribest created the dual-edged auger, which Omega soon copied. The room on the auger underside is spacious, thus, it’s rather simple to wipe out packed vegetable matter only with your finger. Individual elements have smoother surfaces, compared to the Omega VRT 400, that serves another impressive feature that adds to the cleaning simplicity. Cleaning the unit, I had no need to utilize the adjusted cleaning brush, since I was fine hosing down the elements with the spray nozzle right on my sink. It takes a little more time and effort to clean our best pick, as it has many small details.

For Customers on a Budget

The quality Omega J8004 is a favorite juicer of Brian Lam, our founder. This exclusive commercial-grade machine is an ultimate option for those who have a limited budget.

According to Lam, “It’s more efficient at squeezing liquid and nutrients from leafy greens even than the more popular counterparts, such as Breville juicers”. You may be sure to obtain nearly twice as much juice from the Omega as from more quality machines. At approximately $260 the Omega price is a bit higher than that of low-end juicers, though it provides better quality and taste.

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