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5 best go karts
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Things are about to get exciting. I present to you a complete collection of reviews of the best go karts. The models reviewed here are the ones that received the highest praise from those who bought them. I have driven the majority of the reviewed go karts personally at some point.

Our Top 5 Picks For The Best Go Karts in 2018

  1. Two Seater 110CC Double Seater Semi Auto Go Kart with Reverse

A wonderful model that belongs to the list of best go karts for both its looks and features. Its design really made me fall in love with it; it’s certainly an eye catcher that differentiates you from the rest. It can be either driven by one person or in pairs if you’ve got a partner to ride along.

This go kart is equipped with working lights, allowing you to see in the dark, should you ever want to go for a night ride. Then there are side view mirrors that provide you with visibility of what’s in your immediate vicinity. It’s an excellent medium go kart suitable for every driver. It provides you with a good riding experience and fantastic appearance.

Obviously, it’s far from being a sports car; but the engine is very capable of letting you have an outstanding driving and riding experience. Functionality wise, this go kart is packing enough to be driven legally in the streets in certain areas; check with the laws applicable to your place of residence.

What I like about this model:

The feature I like the most in this particular model is reverse gear. The go kart is somewhat hefty when it comes to weight; that’s why its ability to move backwards is highly convenient. The size allows for a couple of small adults, or teenagers, or a single adult with a child. Headlights in a go kart are practically a must-have, so the fact that this model has them makes it good.

Rack and pinion steering of the go kart gives it a bigger radius of turning. That way the steering you get in this go kart is similar to that of a regular car. Vertical dimensions of a roll cage are spacious enough to make room for tall people, both drivers and passengers.

  1. Trailmaster 163CC XRX Two Seater Mini Go Kart

This mini two-seater is a wonderful model that deserves its place on my list of the best go karts. This model is a perfect fit for all the small drivers and passengers. I bought one for my grandkids, and I can say that it was a perfect choice. Sometimes they drive it in the yard, sometimes they follow me down a pathway, so it turned out to be fantastic for them. Given its size, this go kart doesn’t take too much space for storage. I also found it looking quite nice when it’s next to my bigger one.

This model is the best option for beginners. It is well-equipped in terms of safety so that those driving and riding it could have as much fun as they want while being safe. Being a mini go kart, it still comes with headlights, which is nice. So if you have children, this go kart is definitely worth buying.

What I like about this model:

I have to say that the best thing about this go kart is the fact that it has remote control, which allows your kids to enjoy the freedom, at the same time letting you retain control to the degree that you find acceptable. This model has room for two kids to ride at the same time. Its maximum speed finds a balance between giving your kids a thrill and having it at the levels you personally are comfortable with. Overall, it’s a wonderful go kart for your children, especially the ones that are new to this type of recreation.

  1. XRX 300CC Gas Electric Start Go Kart by Trail Master

A fantastic gas go kart, which certainly provides a lot of fun. I rode this go kart a couple of times, and each time was amazing. It is very durable and capable of withstanding a lot of things. It’s designed for two persons and also has a high weight capacity. With 300CC, it harnesses sufficient power under the hood.

Intermediate and experienced go kart drivers will find this particular model to be splendid. It’s fantastic for both driving alone and in pairs; it’s equipped with lighting, which is handy for night driving and dim environment. Engine size of the go kart allows it to be sufficient in terms of power while carrying the load weight.

What I like about this model:

There’s a handful of features that make this go kart attractive to me. The first one is the fact that it’s a two-person go kart that allows me to drive with somebody, or if someone needs a lift. Secondly, the weight capacity of this go kart makes it suitable for any duo riding it. Thirdly, 300CC allows the go kart to offset the weight it’s carrying so that it could be ridden at decent speed.

  1. Pro TT Honda Go Kart CRF Series 4 Seater Automatic with Reverse

If you need the best go kart that’s spacious enough to accommodate your entire family, then this model is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s made for 4 persons. Those looking to ride with family or more friends should definitely consider this model because it’s a brilliant solution for them. My personal experience with this go kart took place when I undertook a hunting trip. Having just one go kart, as opposed to several, made the trip much quieter and more convenient. This model won’t leave you dissatisfied.

Any family or household can benefit a lot from having this go kart around the house. It’s an excellent vehicle for various group trips and outings. It also has a reverse gear, so it’s very unlikely that you’ll ever find yourself having to push it backward. One thing to be noted is that people with the height of over 5 ft might find sitting in it restricting. That’s why the height of people driving/riding it should be considered when purchasing.

What I like about this model:

It’s obvious which aspect of this go kart I find the most appealing: its capacity allows accommodating a maximum of 4 persons. That being said, there’s no need to worry, you still have an option to drive on your own if you want. Design of roll bar of this go kart provides protection to every passenger in the vehicle. This go kart is fully equipped for driving at night. Furthermore, it can be legally driven in certain states; do familiarize yourself with all applicable laws before you move out to public roads. Finally, there’s a back rack that allows you to transport your stuff in the go kart in a secure way.

  1. Razor Dune Buggy

Off-road go karts by Razor are made of certain high-quality materials that make them stand out among others. This model is made of tubular steel so that it’s strong and light. It uses two 12-volt rechargeable batteries, which allows it to ride at ten miles an hour without any effort.

It’s equipped with knobby pneumatic tires so you can have a bumpless ride despite the surface underneath its wheels. One of its highlights is the seat belt that provides protection to the person driving it; each full battery charge allows it to function for nearly an hour.

  1. Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart

The selling points of this go kart – which are accelerating and drifting – were created with the help of slick back tires installed in it. This model is capable of reaching the maximum speed of 12 miles per hour; there are 3 components responsible for that speed: chain driven motor, 12-volt batteries, and race turned chassis.

To offset higher speed with higher safety, Razor equipped this model with a bucket seat and shoulder harness, both intended to guarantee that the driver is seated in a comfortable manner throughout the drive. A smooth drive is ensured by rubber tires, and the driver has complete control over speed via thumb-controlled accelerator.

  1. Razor Ground Force Electric Go Kart

Getting a ride in this go kart is going to be the source of joy for your children for a long time. But it does have a weight capacity of 140 pounds, so it’s not just your kids who get to drive it. This go kart’s features include bumpless drive made possible by solid rubber tires, coupled with increased safety of bucket seat via shoulder harness.

Two 12-volt batteries in this go kart allow your children to drive it at the speed of 12 miles per hour; they are rechargeable; their full energy capacity allows the go kart to be driven for approximately 40 minutes.

When buying a go kart for kids, you need to take into account various essential factors, such as engine type, minimum age requirements, frame’s rigidity, maximum speed, and safety features.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there an age requirement for children who want to drive/ride a go kart?

The majority of toy manufacturers state that a child should be over 8 years old to play with toy go karts; however, the child’s parents can decide on their own whether or not their child can safely play with these.

There’s a tendency for parents to let their children play with toy go karts as soon as they reach age 5. Toy go karts manufacturers intend their products to be used by kids up to age 12. They also make certain adjustments – such as creating a speed limit, as well as controlling acceleration – to make sure that their toy go karts are safe.

Toy go karts are perfect gifts since they fit any situation. Their manufacturers make sure that their products have all the necessary safety features so that children can have a fun and safe experience. Nonetheless, this fact doesn’t relieve parents of their duties, such as watching over children, directing and educating them on everything related to the toy go kart that they bought; this process shouldn’t cease until their children have a full understanding of the toy and the way it should be controlled; this is especially the case for children aged 5 to 10.

Size isn’t something you should concern yourself with, as the majority of toy go karts are manufactured using a standard size, with its seats being adjustable to account for children’s ongoing growth. It’s easy to learn how to drive a toy go kart, with the whole process taking just several minutes.

Should I get an electric go kart?

Electric go karts use an electric motor (or two) and batteries. These require little maintenance, which basically comes down to recharging their lead-acid batteries after the drive.

A battery with a full charge lets you drive an electric go kart for up to 45 minutes before running out. Electric models don’t contain hot engines or gas tanks, which makes them a perfect toy for children. Electric batteries in electric go karts make the latter rather hefty, and, therefore, harder to flip over. That improves their safety while driving.

Electric pieces don’t make noise, don’t have emissions, and don’t need fuel. These benefits indicate that electric go karts are a solution that causes no pollution and doesn’t damage the environment.

Is it safe for my children to have a gas go kart?

Manufacturers of gas go karts usually put a limit on their maximum speed; gas tanks used in these are small. Gas go karts are intended to be driven on uneven surfaces, as opposed to the flat ones.

They undergo an extensive testing which is done by their manufacturers; furthermore, they are the toys that are engineered with safety in mind. It’s adults’ responsibility to refill the gas tanks, whereas kids must refrain from doing that. In contrast to electric models, acceleration of gas go karts is usually lower. The pieces can be augmented with things like the suspension to make them better for off-road driving. An off road go kart that’s capable of driving fast can definitely win children’s love.

It should be noted that toy go karts aren’t uniform across the market: there are numerous models, with the majority of those having an own set of features.

Can I assemble a go kart on my own? Is finding replacement parts hard?

Yes, the design of go karts is rather simple, which is why assembly and initial setup are a trivial task; as soon as it’s done, the go karts ready to be played with by your children.

It’s highly recommended that you follow the instructions that come with the go kart. Various replacement parts are available at manufacturer’s online stores, or you can order them just making a phone call.

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